Eufonia - Sofia, 2009


euFonia 2009EuFonia 2009 is a competition for revival of the art of lutherie in Bulgaria and in other European states. The initiative is under the patronage of Meglena Kuneva – Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, EU.

The purpose of this initiative is finding the best string instruments – violin, viola, cello and doule base, created by masters and students of luthier schools.

The European project euFonia 2009 was opened on 08.01.2009 in the National Art Gallery in Sofia. The opening was attended by luthiers from the Regional Luthier Association, founded in 1999 in the town of Kazanlak. They had the opportunity to present their instruments to the audience and to show a detail part of making a violin.

The competition is taking place from 22.11 to 24.11.2009 in Sofia and in Brussels. After that, series of concerts are going to be held in some European cities.






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