Minyo Stoyanov


Contact information:
Cell: +393382976226

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I was born on 01.09.1986 in the city of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. I have graduated to Bachelor's degree in my home country. In 2011, I decided to move to Italy. Since then I have been working in depth with the production of four-stringed musical instruments - violin, viola and cello. The first master I learned from was my brother Martin Ivanov Stoyanov. He is a prominent master luthier, having during his professional career taken active part in a number of competitions, proving his talent through his performance and subsequent awards. I started my development as an assistant in his studio in the city of Cremona, Italy. I have worked and continue to build myself as a luthier, with him.

For the last two years I have been studying at the Antonio Stradivari School for luthiers in the city of Cremona, Italy, and in 2016 I got the opportunity to study with Master Giorgio Scolari, a well-known name in this branch. From 2017 I began to study with Master Ernesto Vaya, a proven master luthier who supports my development! Giorgio Scolari and Ernesto Vaya participated in numerous contests, winning awards for their work. I have the honor of drawing on the experience of these unique professionals who are also luthier teachers at the same school in which I develop my talent of a luthier master.