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Edrio Edrev

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6100 Kazanlak

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Edrevi family – a father, a daughter and a son - legacy and tradition of the art called “Luthier Craft”

Edrio Edrev- Master-luthier, born on 16.12.1958 in the village of Vetren - Stara Zagora District. Graduation of the School of Fine Art in wood-carving and interior architecture in Tryavna.

In 1979 he started at “Cremona” company and in accordance to the partnership between both towns Kazanlak and Cremona the Italian partner offered to the Bulgarian one a scholarship student to be sent for education there. Mr. Edrev becomes to be the first Bulgarian professional luthier, who graduated the International Professional Institute for string instruments and timber technology. He graduated under the guidance of world well known violin makers Bissolotti, Amighetti, Scolari. Since 1990 member of the Italian Violin Making Association in Cremona-Italy and since 1998 of the Regional Luthier Association in Kazanlak. Established contacts with world-famous violin makers, dealers and musicians.

1991-1993 - attendance of a school for professional bow making.

After his comeback to Bulgaria and the establishing of a class for violin makers in the Fine Art School in Kazanlak he is one of the first teacher in this subject.

In “Cremona” company he hosts courses in luthier craft, his students are working down to the present day there.

1998 was established the first luthier association of the string instruments builders in Kazanlak – he is promoted with one consent for its chairman.

He is certified expert- appraiser of string musical instruments by the Privatization Agency, constant expert by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, since 1998 certified by the Business analysts Association.

He has diplomas and awards from participation in many national and international exhibitions and competitions:

  • 1987 International competition Sofia-Kazanlak and award for best youngest Bulgarian violin maker, granted by “Hemus” Foreign Trade Company - Sofia
  • 1989 International competition in the Czech Republic – Hradec Kralovec, bronze medal for viola. Award by the Tokio conservatory – Japan for sonorousness.
  • 1993 International competition in Hungary-Budapest, fourth place for viola and the Special Award of Stefano Conia.
  • 1995 International competition Italy Baveno, fourth place and the special price with viola.
  • 1999 International competition Italy Baveno, third place and bronze medal.
  • 2001 International competition Italy-Baveno, first place not awarded, third place and bronze medal.

He is working in his won workshop together with his children Radiana Edreva and Plamen Edrev, who succeed his profession and continue the tradition of the old master luthier from Kazanlak. Making, repair and restoration violin, viola, cello, contrabass, bows and baroque styled instruments.