Dinko Dinev


Via “John Atanasoff” 9, 4, 4
8600 Yambol, Bulgaria
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Dinko Dinev was born in Yambol, Bulgaria in 1963.
From 1977 to 1982 he was an alumnus of the School of fine art in Sliven, Bulgaria. He graduates with an excellent diplom. In 1986 he transferred to Cremona, Italy. Later he enrolled in the International School of Violin-Making in Cremona. He graduated in 1990 under the guidance of Ernesto Vaia and Stefano Conia, obtaining the highest possible merit in his final year – a scholarship from the Walter Stauffer Fondation. After that in 1990 he moved back in his native town where he opens a workshop. In the last few years he separates his time between Italy and Bulgaria.
Dinko Dinev makes violins, violas and cellos, particularly favouring Stradivarian and Guarnerian models. His  instruments are remarkable for theirs fine-made details and elegant silhouette. They distinguish themselves for many reasons such as qualitative materials and fine acoustics. The varnish used for the instruments is of high quality and is skillfully applied by hand, with rich goldenyellow base and tastefully added red-brown shading, capturing the warmth, texture, aliveness and acoustical significance of the old Italian varnishes. The varnish, as well as all its individual ingredients and colours, has been exhaustively tested and researched for long term stability, resistance to fading, and compatibility with the wood substrate. Famous musicianc from all over the world own instruments made by Dinko Dinev. All of his works have a certificate of authenticity with colour photographs and accurate description of the instrument. Professional Affiliations: He is a member of  the Associazione Liutaria Italiana  and The Bulgarian Federation of Violin and Bow Maker.

Awards and Honors:

  • At the 7th International Violinmaking Triennal “A. Stradivari” heid in Cremona, October 1994 he was placed 12th with viola.
  • At the 9th International Violinmaking Triennal “A. Stradivari” heid in Cremona, October 2000 he entered the great final with violino and viola.
  • At the 2nd International competition heid in Nachod Czech Republic 2004 his violin was placed 4th for Acoustic qualities.